The first thing is to ensure that your occupancy rates are in line or above the industry average. If you are lagging behind then a change of approach or strategy may be needed. Some basic’s include:

  • Making sure you are offering the right packages for guests. Are they making the most of what the hotel has to offer regarding all of its services and not just the room itself. Package the hotels offerings attractively to ensure that there is maximum add on value or upscale potential.
  • Offer guests a range of options to keep them entertained and enjoying themselves during their stay. In most cases the happier guests are the more they will spend and even splash out. Keep guests around the hotel and using your facilities as much as possible. Offer them plenty of pampering opportunities throughout their stay.
  • If you don’t have all of the facilities you would like in house consider tie ins with other business regarding activities for guests. This could be a referral or a booking fee arrangement with a range of third party partners. The main thing to ensure is that your guests will have a positive experience with the third party provider as otherwise it may reflect badly on the hotel.
  • Another area that may seem a bit clinical but must be considered is whether you are attracting the right kind of guests to the hotel. Naturally the hotel is not going to turn away any paying guests but for the marketing effort you are doing consider which target segments are the most valuable and consider whether it might be time to move up the customer value chain and start marketing to a different type of customer. Ideally with as much disposable income as possible to spend.

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