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Our service is only as good as the people we have working for you and your company. With that in mind, we have recruited the best and brightest of Ireland’s financial graduates with solid experience and a continuing professional development a must for our team. Each member of the Avid Partners – Accountants & Business Advisors team undergoes a comprehensive introduction programme and enjoys regular training and development to ensure that they remain abreast of legal, accountancy, taxation, corporate finance and company legislative changes, as well as remaining on top of their game for the benefit of our clients.


Jamie O Hanlon – Managing Director




“I recall being an eighteen year old returning to Ireland having spent two months in Spain, attempting to mind children for the summer. I was awaiting exam results and the prospect of a career choice in the coming weeks. I saw an advert for a business college offering professional accountancy courses and thought that in order to be a BIG SHOT business man in the future I would need a good understanding of business financials. Little did I realise that twenty seven years later that the business I would establish would be a professional services firm offering business and financial support to the SME business sector. I have to say that I enjoy, hugely, my role as an adviser to business owners and managers. My position with the firms’ clients allows me to be able to support them on an on-going basis – I truly feel that I am a PARTNER in their business and love to hear from them when my help is needed”.


Jamie is a fellow of The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. and has gained significant exposure within the financial and managerial function of start-up and developing businesses and is keen to ensure that his professional skills are maintained and employed to the highest standard and benefit of client organisations. Jamie is a founding member of Avid Partners.


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Ciara McCullagh – Senior Accountant




Having left my home in Co. Tyrone 10 years ago I moved to Co. Laois and this is where my true interest for Accountancy started. I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge over the 14 years I have worked in public accounting practices and have covered many areas of Accountancy. I work closely with a wide range of industries some of which include the Food & Beverage sector, Retail and Hospitality industry, Construction Industry, Health & Safety sector and Landlords. I take a lot of pride in my job and in the relationships I have built up with our clients. I am in my ninth year with Avid Partners and still work closely with all the clients I started working with 9 years ago.


I love being able to help people and I enjoy helping clients look at their business from different perspectives to ensure they are maximising their business performance whilst effectively managing their taxation position. I go above and beyond when it comes to identifying and adding real value to your business. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing a client happy with the service they are receiving. My personality is of a very caring nature and outside of work I like to look after those that are close to me in my life and this does not change when I am in work.


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Paul Howard – Business & Marketing Consultant




Paul comes to Avid Partners with a wide range of experience in sectors as diverse as the multinational sector, small business and entrepreneurial and investment businesses. Paul has a master degree in strategic marketing and has worked with a number of companies throughout his career including Unilever, American Express, Institute of Technology Carlow, The Carlow Nationalist, Horizon, Limelight Entertainment, True Potential Business Consultancy and as an Independent Business Consultant. Paul brings a wealth of experience and energy to the company and works with clients from a marketing & business development capacity and in helping clients grow their business.


“I enjoy coming into work every day and looking for ways to both improve our own company position as well as clients. I have an entrepreneurial spirit as a result of working with start ups myself and can see the passion and relate to the sense of accomplishments business owners feel when achieving something worthwhile in their business. I enjoy playing golf, travelling and am a keen Everton Football fan for my sins. I also enjoy learning new things and pushing myself beyond the comfort zone. I believe that that a person must enjoy coming to work everyday as like is too short not to enjoy what you do. A person would be as enthusiastic coming into work in the morning as going home at the end of the day”.


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 Evelyn Kinsella – Senior Accountant




Evelyn joined the team at Avid Partners in 2014 and has worked in Practice since 2005. Prior to that she worked in a multinational industry firm for six years. She has a diverse accounting, auditing, taxation, annual compliance and strike offs knowledge and has built up considerable experience across a broad range of clients and appreciates the importance of working closely with her clients and getting to know their business and their business needs. Evelyn is currently studying for her final year Certified Public Accountant exams. She is also a member of the Institute of Accounting Technicians. Evelyn is enthusiastic about Animal welfare, also has great love for languages, travel and photography. “I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients and helping them with the efficiencies of their businesses ”.


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Deborah Curry- Senior Accountant


Deborah is a qualified Certified Public Accountant with over 6 years experience in the accounting industry. She began her journey into accountancy by completing a 3 year Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Accountany. Once Deborah had completed her degree she decided to broaden her horizons by going to Australia for a year to travel & work. While down under she gained valuable experience is various different roles including administration, information technology, pensions & life assurance. Since returning to Ireland Deborah has worked in practice being involved in all areas of accounting, taxation & audit.

Deborah has in particular worked extensively with credit unions & thoroughly enjoys this aspect of her work. “I have always known that I wanted a career working with numbers since I was in school. I always had a great interest in Maths & Accountancy. To me perfection & accuracy is key to being a great Accountant & Auditor. Helping clients is my biggest motivator.” Deborah is one of Avid Partners newest additions to the team and brings with her invaluable experience and a can do attitude.


Contact Avid Partners today on 0818 303087 or email us at to see how we can assist you with your business. Alternatively you can fill in the enquiry form below and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.


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Yes Avid Partners have two divisions of the company. We have an accountancy division that handles your day to day financial necessities and we also have an advisory division to assist companies develop their businesses. This can include consultancy, marketing and guidance when required. We can act as a Chairperson for your organisation if required and can also take away some of the day to day pressures that can restrict growth and slow development. Avid Partners can help with both of the critical aspects of a company, keeping costs down as much as possible and growing revenues exponentially. Technology companies need patience in developing their visions and an involved day to day partner is the best way of keeping a good business balance.
It is a common problem for companies who are in a situation where their business is growing in real terms (users, visitors) but sales is not matching the other growth metrics as traditionally sales lags behind growth (Twitter, Linked In, etc). So what do you do? Every business needs access to finance to pay operating costs which gives the company time to develop future revenue streams. Thankfully the situation is getting better with many tech friendly finance options coming on stream such as micro financing, crowd funding and government agencies are also starting to show support interests.
Every company starts out small with very limited resources at the beginning of the project. The key is to make the most from the resources you have and to seek out alliances, support systems and working partners. Start ups face many challenges including access to capital, regulatory requirements, economies of scale. We can help you develop your concept and will assist in every way possible from accountancy and day to day support to advisory services and raising finance. We can assist in a number of ways and have a portfolio of growing small companies that we help on an on-going basis.
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