The Agricultural Sector


Avid Partners work with a number of  progressive  agri-businesses that we assist in a number of ways. These companies include farming business, the equine trade and organic food producers. The areas that these companies benefit from our assistance have included:  grant applications, funding initiatives, development work in the areas of export and niche marketing, upscaling their businesses and balancing innovation and new technologies with cost controls and targeted spending.  


The agricultural sector has long been described as a high potential growth industry with global organisations like Glanbia, Origin, Kerry, Donegal and Total Produce gaining worldwide market share and feeding into smaller sub sectors. Food prices are rising, a large proportion of the products produced here are exported and the Irish market now has a reputation as a high quality niche supplier. This has resulted in a potential premium on our exported goods.


Sector Challenges

However there are still a number of challenges facing the industry including:

  • Lack of growth in agricultural output
  • Slow rate of change on product areas
  • Lack of scale ability to build on initial successes
  • Competitive price differentials from other emerging markets undercutting our cost base
  • Lack of credit for investment
  • Over dependence on EU subsidies
  • Lack of marketing initiatives resulting in stunted growth and overseas price pressures
  • The challenges associated with being green
  • Volatility of global food prices


Industry Stats

The Agri-Food sector is one of Ireland’s most important domestic industries. It employs over 50,000 people directly and another 100,000 indirectly supporting the farming sector. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine currently reports the agri-food sector in Ireland contributes a value of €24 billion to the national economy, generates 6.3% of gross value added and almost 10% of Ireland’s exports. Agriculture by definition is not just confined to farming, the sector is linked to everything from the clothes we wear (cotton jeans and t-shirts, woollen jumpers and coats, leather shoes and jackets) to the food we eat and drink.


  • The industry is worth €24 billion to the national economy annually
  • The sector accounts for around 7% of GDP
  • Agriculture sources 71% of raw materials and supplies from Irish suppliers
  • It provides 7.7% of national employment
  • When employment in inputs, processing and marketing is included, the agri-food sector accounts for almost 10% of employment
  • The industry accounts for half of exports by domestic manufacturing industries
  • Estimates of the distribution of Ireland’s agri-food and drink exports in 2013 by sector are: dairy products and ingredients (30%), prepared consumer foods (17%), beef (21%), live animals (2%), beverages (13%), pig meat (6%), poultry (2%), sheep meat (2%), seafood (5%) and edible horticulture (2%).


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Solutions Include:


The majority of the food production from Ireland is now exported so there are many opportunities to look further afield than the home market and see where you can get the most from your produce. There are also support systems for exporting companies if it is of sufficient scale and Enterprise Ireland have stepped up their support of indigenous exports in recent times.
The answer is it depends on what specifically you are considering. If you are planning on supplying the raw materials to the food production companies then this is a fairly common means of revenue generation for your production. If you are considering retailing to customers directly then this is a very different business model with a lot more factor to consider (distribution, end user production, marketing, wholesale or retail, demand, price sensitivity, etc).
Absolutely. We have worked with many agricultural clients over the years and are well versed in the industry and what supports are available to farmers in Ireland. Arrange a consultation with us and we would be happy to give you some insights.
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