Avid Partners help indigenous manufacturing companies grow their business by identifying what their needs are and providing expertise to assist management develop and implement sustainable business strategies. Avid Partners have worked with a number of niche manufacturing companies in the past and have developed an intimate knowledge of the industry. We know the specific challenges encountered by clients in their business, as well as the importance of supports systems to grow their business through alliances and availing of all potential financial supports.


In previous years Irish manufacturing had become an uncompetitive location for foreign companies to be based in due to a number of factors:

  • Higher labour cost and reduced supports
  • Increased barriers to growth (access to finance for Irish manufacturing companies)
  • Loss of cost competiveness
  • Disruptive technologies and rapid change in the business practices

Manufacturing Issues

As a result of these issues the manufacturing sector was gradually eroded with a significant loss of jobs and an exodus of many of the large scale long established manufacturing businesses leaving or scaling back operations in Ireland (Dell, Fruit of the Loom and a number of Pharmaceutical companies being high profile examples). With a renewed focus on exports the manufacturing sector is coming back into the spotlight and market opportunities are again becoming attractive. Competitive advances in areas of taxation, pro-business environment, a highly skilled workforce and an improvement in cost competitiveness have all contributed to recent growth in the industry.


Some Industry Stats

  • The manufacturing sector in Ireland employs over 200,000 and is a very important sector in the Irish economy as a significant part of its production is export focused.
  • Manufacturing is an area that has been targeted as a growth area, earmarked for governmental supports through Forfas, with an anticipated potential of over 40,000 extra jobs in the sector by 2020.
  • The sector provides employment across a range of occupations including technicians, operatives, engineering and trade professionals.
  • The manufacturing sector in Ireland is regionally dispersed and although large scale companies are based here, almost 95% of the companies here are small scale with less than 50 employees.


Contact Us

Call Avid Partners today on 01 4280900 or email us at advice@avidpartners.ie to see how we can assist you with your manufacturing business. Download our article on your area, book a place on our next industry seminar and make an appointment today to chat about your business with one of our expert Avid Partner staff.

Solutions Include:


There are many supports available to manufacturing companies that fit the criteria for financial aid. Local Enterprise Centres are a very good starting point and from there up the chain to Enterprise Ireland who assist manufacturing companies in their International expansion.
Yes. Avid Partners can help you investigate options to expand your business internationally and have expertise as well as business contacts to assist you in your development.
Absolutely. Avid Partners has a track record of helping companies streamlining their business for maximum efficiency. We can conduct a forensic financial review of the business and its operating practices.
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