Small Business Growth in the Green Sector

Establishing and growing a small business can be a daunting prospect. Some entrepreneurs will be new to field and unsure of where to start or how to get their vision off the ground. Avid Partners have been the starting point for my new business ventures and we have assisted clients not only in developing their ideas but in helping turning those ideas into profitable business organisations. There are a number of areas Avid Partners can assist small business and we have a number of services specially designed to meet the needs of the small business owner depending on their stage of development.


Setting up your business

A client’s business can be structured in a number of ways, as a sole trader, partnership or private limited company. We help clients to decide which structure is best for them. We can handle all the necessary paperwork and administration. We also assist in advising on shareholder and partnership agreements.


Sourcing Finance

Most development and growth initiatives require finance. The key starting point when raising finance is to have a well prepared business plan. We help our clients in preparing this plan which will outline the specific objectives of a company, its background, products, management team and the amount of finance required. We will direct clients to the best source of finance for their business, and advise on the most suitable source and structure of such finance.

Effective Management – “The Outsourced Finance Director”

To manage a business effectively, the management must be kept fully in the picture. We can design an effective management accounting system for clients, or adapt their existing system to meet their changing needs. We can advise on cash management and prepare business forecasts. We can help create budgets for each area of a client’s business and assist in producing regular management information to monitor performance. Our team has experience in solving all the problems likely to be encountered by the smaller enterprise. Systems alone will not make a company successful. We’ll help management and directors to interpret business information and advice on future developments. We can provide the “Finance Director” function for those businesses lacking the required resources to appoint such full-time expertise to the management team.


Audits and Business Performance Reviews

Audits can be a highly effective management tool, providing essential information on where your business is really going. Combined with our small business development services, our audit process is geared to the needs of the smaller business. Our audit approach is to focus on areas of major weakness in a company’s system of control. We provide a series of recommendations which analyse performance, highlight weaknesses and suggest improvements for the future. We also perform non-statutory audits for unincorporated businesses and “comfort” audits to provide a management check on business structures and systems.


Finance for development

A growing business needs finance, venture capital, equity, loans and grants. We can assist our clients through the maze of alternatives and assist with the preparation of business plans to present to current and potential providers of finance. Raising finance from any source involves negotiation on the costs of that finance. We have the expertise clients need to get the best deal available. We know and understand the range of grants available for developing and growing your business and can guide you to the appropriate agency.


Tax Planning

Taxation is central to most financial matters and business decisions. We offer a comprehensive range of services covering all areas of taxation. Our objective is to minimise the tax liabilities of both individuals and companies. By developing a close working relationship and integrating taxation services with the other services, we can ensure that all aspects of your financial affairs are kept under constant review and arranged in the most suitable manner. Our corporate tax services include advice on structuring new ventures, BES, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, value added tax and in-depth taxation reviews. For company directors and the self-employed, we offer advice on reducing personal tax liabilities, executive remuneration packages, planning for retirement and estate tax planning.


Value Added Tax & Customs Duties

Careful planning can minimise the burden of VAT and customs duties on business. We provide advice on planning, registration, preparation of returns and payment. Our services include:

  • Review of VAT position
  • Assistance with importation and Customs and Excise negotiations
  • Advice on property transactions and projects
  • Administrative support in maintaining VAT accounts and generating returns.


Executive Recruitment & Administration

As a business grows, bringing the right people on board at the right time is a key issue. We can help locate and select top-level staff. Administrating a payroll system can be an unnecessary burden for a small business. We can provide computerised payroll service with summarised and detailed information as well as dealing with all the related paperwork. We also offer advice on dealing with the complexities of the PAYE system and on share incentive and bonus schemes, payment of overseas staff and a range of other matters.


Company Secretarial Services

We assist in providing all the statutory and other essential services performed by a company secretary. We maintain company registers, prepare and distribute resolutions and arrange and report on company meetings. Our offices can be used as your company’s registered office. We also conduct company searches at the Registrar of Companies.


Management Information System

Choosing the right computer system to meet current and future business needs is never easy. We offer totally objective and impartial advice to help our clients reach a sensible solution. We take a close look at business to see where technology can be of assistance. We suggest the most suitable systems and, if required, help with planning and implementation.


Contact Avid Partners today to see how we can assist your business through our accountancy services. You can phone us on 0818 303087, email us at or alternatively you can fill out the form below.


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No. The set up, financing and running of the company will be the same as any other. The same decisions need to be made regarding issues of limited liability, funding sources, regulatory requirements, taxes, etc. If it is a green business there may be other financial supports available through Enterprise Ireland or other green funds that can be explored pre-launch to determine if it meets specific green criteria's. After that the normal best practices in accounting, business operations, marketing and growth strategies will apply. Exports may be more of a viable option going forward if the business is successful as many European markets are green sensitive and new export markets may emerge in the future for your green product or service.
There are green opportunities in almost every sector. Creative thinking and innovative technologies are the key drivers of new ways of doing business in a greener way. The headline industries where you will most likely see stories on the news include the energy sector, the food industry, mining industries, car manufacturing and natural resources (water, fisheries, etc). Many entrepreneurs however are seeing opportunities in many other industries from a green perspective and the originators in many cases reap the early rewards for their innovations while other companies attempt to catch up with their inventions. The energy and waste disposal sectors were some of the first to be tapped by green entrepreneurs but now many are looking to other mainstream sectors for their green endeavours (water, car manufacturing, organic, renewables, transport, retail).
That used to be the way things where but times are definitely changing. In many industries it is actually becoming a competitive advance to be a green company not just in terms of financial savings but also from a corporate and differentiation stand points. Many of the worlds leading business figures are now pursing green ventures as they believe that this is the future of business. Leading examples include the Tesla Car (the innovative car design since the Delorean) and Bill Gates has also begun an investment campaign in green companies in recent years. Irish examples of companies leading their fields through green innovations include Mainstream, Green Star, Glen Dimplex, Bord Na Mona, Clearstream and even multinational like Diageo now have significant green interest in their business operations.
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