How to register a new business in Ireland


Establishing a new company, or company formations as its know in the industry, used to be a very confusing and more complicated issue that it should have been. Under the the Companies Act 2014 the process has been simplified. The old process of filling in long detailed forms and listing in painstaking detail the exact nature of every business activity the company is involved in will be a thing of the past.

The Companies Act 2014 allowed for Single Director companies to avail of limited liability status (one company secretary is still required) and new definitions of a “Micro Business” means that small companies with a turnover less than 700K will not have to file any details of their activities other than the Statutory Annual Return.


So What’s Involved In Company Formations in Ireland?


To incorporate a company a form called an A1 is completed and sent to the Companies Registration Office (CRO). At this stage you must choose the kind of company you wish to form from the options available (Avid Partners can assist you with the options) with most companies being incorporated as Limited By Share companies. The A1 form need to be signed by the company director(s) and the company secretary. Other details such as the name of the company, its place of business, names of its directors, shareholdings and the activities of the company are also required. Once these details are all processed and completed they are then sent to the CRO for formal registration. The company is usually officially formed within 5 days of receipt by the CRO. Then you are officially in business and the real work begins!


Avid Partners can assist you throughout the steps involved in forming a company and in managing your financial affairs through out the companies existence. For further details on company formations Ireland contact us on 0818 303087. Email us at or alternatively you can complete the enquiry form below.


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Yes Avid Partners have two divisions of the company. We have an accountancy division that handles your day to day financial necessities and we also have an advisory division to assist companies develop their businesses. This can include consultancy, marketing and guidance when required. We can act as a Chairperson for your organisation if required and can also take away some of the day to day pressures that can restrict growth and slow development. Avid Partners can help with both of the critical aspects of a company, keeping costs down as much as possible and growing revenues exponentially. Technology companies need patience in developing their visions and an involved day to day partner is the best way of keeping a good business balance.
It is a common problem for companies who are in a situation where their business is growing in real terms (users, visitors) but sales is not matching the other growth metrics as traditionally sales lags behind growth (Twitter, Linked In, etc). So what do you do? Every business needs access to finance to pay operating costs which gives the company time to develop future revenue streams. Thankfully the situation is getting better with many tech friendly finance options coming on stream such as micro financing, crowd funding and government agencies are also starting to show support interests.
Every company starts out small with very limited resources at the beginning of the project. The key is to make the most from the resources you have and to seek out alliances, support systems and working partners. Start ups face many challenges including access to capital, regulatory requirements, economies of scale. We can help you develop your concept and will assist in every way possible from accountancy and day to day support to advisory services and raising finance. We can assist in a number of ways and have a portfolio of growing small companies that we help on an on-going basis.

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