Q: Our business tends to be very seasonal. What can we do during the quieter times of the year?

A: It depends on how long the off season is but the obvious answer is to start preparing for the next season.

The main question to ask yourself is did the business reach capacity during the last peak season? If so it might be time to consider expanding in some way. If not then further work is needed to ensure there is no wastage for the next busy season.

Many businesses face the question of whether to diversify their business into another area during the off season (something less dependent on the tourism market) or whether to keep the business as it but look to add capacity (if capacity has been reached)  and always make the most of the busy times to compensate during the quieter ones. Only the business owner themselves can decide what is best for their business.

The key criteria is whether or not the general market is expanding or whether everyone is fighting for a larger piece of the diminishing pie.  What might be a good idea is to do a bit of travel yourself in the off season and see what some other operators in your business are doing to promote themselves.

It’s always good to open your horizons and ideas can always be gleamed from a foreign competitor or indeed ideas from a related industry.  Travel yourselves and see what others are doing.

Contact Avid Partners today on 0818 303087 or email us at info@avidpartners.ie to see how we can assist you with your tourist business. 


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