It is rarely easy to get new customers. If it was things would be very simple! Business is constantly changing and what worked in the past may not yield successful results in the future. Techniques for developing new leads is ever changing in todays ultra fast business world and the old days of “Cold Calling” and “Direct Mail” are a dying age for most modern business. To keep up with the times here are some 5 New Age Ways to Generate Leads for your business based on “Inbound Techniques“, bringing warm leads to your business rather than colder push messages.  


5 Ways To Get New Customers Tip 1 – Social Media

Yes yes we know that most of the business world now uses social media but are you using it properly. I met a business owner yesterday who is still spending money on Facebook to attract New Likes (Facebook now limitless your post exposure to 10-15% of your likes). LinkedIn has now became the platform of choice for business to business opportunities with increasing opportunities both with the free and paid mediums. Are you on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Instagram? Whilst not as important it is still worthwhile to increase your social presence.


5 Ways To Get New Customers Tip 2 – Google

Everyone knows how important Google is as a First Point of Contact for customers searching for information. But how do you get onto the 1st page? Well you can opt for the expensive way and pay for advertising space via Google Adwords. This can work very well but make sure your campaign is Optimised (a recent story was a new trialist having his budget sucked dry by display ads rather than direct search traffic).  Alternatively you can opt for the Organic route to get onto page 1. This will take time and your strategy will consist of Blogging, Social Media use, Referral Traffic, Online Newsletters, Link Building and Website Optimisation. No easy cheat way to achieve this unfortunately but over time your rankings will improve as will your website traffic and lead generation.


  5 Ways To Get New Customers Tip 3 – Release Thought Provoking Information Into The Public Domain

When writing either online or offline most people have a tendency to write about themselves as the focus of the article. Don’t write about yourself! In most cases as interesting as you feel you may be most others wont feel the same way and you will more than likely alienate your listeners. Instead focus on interesting content that enlightens people, tells them something they don’t already know, help solve their problems for them and use the information itself as a means of making you stand out. In other words Don’t Sell Yourself, Sell the Information. That way you wont be intrusive or pushy and make people want to do business with you. Sell the need not the service.


5 Ways To Get New Customers Tip 4 – Get Yourself Some Speaking Engagements

Nothing sends the message that you are an expert in your field more than speaking well in front of a crowd. This puts you on the pedestal (literally and professionally) and if your message and deliver is strong enough why wouldn’t potential customers want to engage with you. Everyone is looking for someone to help them solve their problems and if you are getting that message across why wouldn’t you be the go to person? Who doesn’t want to be working with the expert in their field? The same principle applies for article contributions for print publications and blogging contributions (print or youtube).


5 Ways To Get New Customers Tip 5 – A Little Can Go A Long Way

Presuming that you are in an industry where repeat business is possible (this would be the majority of industries) keep a focus on frequent marketing activity. Even if you have never been in the habit of doing frequent activity try the basics and see how you go. Odds are you will still be doing more than many competitors. Examples include a Monthly Informative Newsletter to clients and potential clients, 3 Social Media Posts a Week using a common platform like Hootsuite, try a Quarterly Branded Event that you can put on yourself as an awareness exercise (in conjunction with a local business group you are involved with) and  join a Networking Group (try to find a group of 20-30 members ideally with no direct rival business of yours. Finally make as many Strategic Alliances as possible. You can never have enough people recommending your business. Make sure the contacts are genuine and reciprocal.


Use all of the above and your business will be in a better place by the end of the year than you are now. Don’t use them and not only will you not make any forward progress but you will be left behind as your competitors move forward with your ever decreasing presence in their rear view mirror. Happy Hunting!


Paul Howard, Marketing and Business Support Services, Avid Partners Accounting & Business Advisors. Call us on 01 4286900 or email us at


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