Like most small business budgets & finance are always an issue and when developing strategies to implement costs are always an issue. 7 low cost marketing techniques that you can look at include:


  • Free Social Media Marketing
    • Using the free aspects of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Join as many groups as you can, invite all of your friends and contacts to engage with your page, put the links on all of your communications and grow your engagements on a continual basis


  •  Knock on Some Doors
    • We’re not talking about cold calling here its about getting face time with key influencers, industry bodies and potential clients who have the ability to open up more doors for you. There are few downsides to getting out and meeting potential customers.


  • Networking
    • Join a number of networking groups and make as many business connections as you can. Some networking events will be free to join while others will have an annual fee. Don’t take a hard sell approach and instead ask others to refer any of their interested customers to you.


  • Referrals
    • Use your relationships with existing customers to generate new leads. Actively ask them to refer you on to their contacts provided they are happy with the service you provided them. Give them an incentive for doing so to encourage the process (15% of their next service for attracting a new customer for you or a loyalty scheme to encourage repeat referrals).


  • Engage with Support Organisations
    • How is this a marketing technique you ask? Well marketing is all about getting your company message out there and creating business connections and accessing grants / soft support aids will assist in the process.


  • Try to Generate some PR for Yourself
    • If any opportunity presents itself to add a bit of celebrity or high end appeal to you or your business then take it. It will add perceived credibility to your offering and make it more attractive for new customers to engage with.


  • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Educate yourself on the basis’s of SEO and use that knowledge to make yourself stand out on the web. Internet marketing is becoming the future and if you are not seen in the virtual world you will be invisible to new customers. SEO takes time and effort and doesn’t have to mean significant costs. Do the leg work yourself and stay persistent.


As all with most low cost marketing techniques that require time over money start off small and build up your efforts gradually and you will see results in the medium term. Don’t get discouraged if immediate results are not achieved. All good things come to those who wait. 01 4286900