Converting from Strangers to Clients and Beyond


The principles of Inbound Marketing are based around the concept of drawing people in to you rather than trying to sell to them. Many people withdraw when they feel they are being sold to so inbound marketing is based on a more subtle, friendlier approach that is more in tune with modern marketing principles. The cold calling days are long gone and now marketers must change with the times and adapt their strategies accordingly. Some of the key principles of Inbound Marketing includes:


  • Attracting buyers not selling services

  • Attract-Convert-Take Offline-Close-Impress

  • Attract using modern techniques of Blog, Free App, Free Content, Email Marketing, Direct Mail, Direct Advertising

  • Start with existing clients. Always more business from existing clients.

  • 98% of clients are never asked to refer. 98% will also not make a direct standard enquiry through a website.

  • Other methods of information gathering are needed (seminars, e-book downloads)

  • Consider doing an Annual Client Survey

    • Benefits (Protect existing clients, update key data, identify opportunities for work, generate quality leads)

  • Implement a Referral Scheme

    • Have clients give a voucher to their customers

    • Free €200 voucher for a 2 hour session

    •  Consider free marketing voucher for clients as well.


Apps have become a consideration for all tied in marketing campaigns. Based on  getting closer to leads.


  • Channel to deliver key services

  • Apps now dominate mobile web

  • Affordable, effective, productive, efficient

  • Tool to reach and interact with existing/future customers

  • Commercial/customer service

  • Interface between a firm and its customers (e.g. 160 firms downloaded 25,000 apps)

  • Customising already developed app

  • Calculators, tax tables, click to call, blog stream, financial dates, financial news, social media, mileage tracker

  • Push notification (short message sent to all downloaders)

    • Deeply personal connection. 95% response rate

  • Much higher open rate and better than emails

  • App generate leads

    • Increased referrals, direct enquiries, app promotions, increased customer loyalty, hours of time saved (integrated social media), future proof.


Effective Email Marketing Campaigns are now all about targeted communications and not just about sheer volume or just getting any kind of message out into the public domain. People have become email resistant and less tolerant of receiving any old communication.


  • Must have a soft offer (e-books, reports, white papers, free consultation, vouchers). Content high in value

  • Call to action (button, link, image, takes visitor to a landing page to download the soft offer)

  • Landing page – Focused page. Download form

  • Mail Form – Data collection form. Integrated with email. Mail chimp, Pure 360, Rapidmail

  • Sign up to newsletters on website

  • Accountants/Professionals open very early in the morning

  • Images very important. Responsive template

  • AB Testing. Subject liens less than 50 characters. Avoid spam words. Inform reader what to expect. Add their name in subject line. Personalise by industry. Create urgent words like alert, breaking, update

  • Resent email 1 week later on different day

  • Send to landing page

    • Take leads offline as soon as possible

      • Targeted telephone follow up

      • Email opens, website visitors, free report requests, hot and warm follow up, relational prospecting not selling, appointment setting


Blogging has become more of a lead generation tool and less about trying to be an online author. Blogs can be a very effective way of getting a particular message out there and generating leads through engaging content and subtle persuading messages.


  • Most cost effective of lead generation sources

  • Blog saves time. Integrated blog can update everything

    • Content

      • Guest Bloggers – Invite clients and Contacts to Post

      • Comment on other relevant news to clients

      • One personal blog from company per month

      •  Free voucher for appointment

      • Client list onto facebook build audience


By using the principles of Inbound Marketing you will help grow your business through positive re-enforcements and drawing people to you for their needs. Start small and grow gradually and you will see the benefits return ten fold!


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