Is Page 1 on Google Worth The Effort?


Every online marketer and business owner knows that reaching the top spot in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is the ultimate goal of organic SEO. Obviously, being #1 has its advantages, meaning its pretty intuitive that people are more likely to click and convert the higher up on the SERP you are. But, while being first is clearly ideal, how much is it actually worth in terms of traffic and conversions? And how do the other positions stack up? Here’s what the research says:



 – A recent study by the internet marketing firm Search Engine Watch suggests that the top spot in a SERP can expect to see an average of 36.4% of the clicks for that keyword. That means more than a third of all visitors choose the first result, and they’re taking their money with them as well. Even with low on-page conversion rates, capturing a third of the initial market for a keyword is a significant advantage. Imagine if you were capturing all that traffic and high a highly converting optimized page? Money in the bank. When performing a competitor analysis, be sure to estimate their probability of ranking #1 or you might be setting yourself up for a costly failure.


If #1 gets a third of all traffic, where does that leave the rest? Well, it turns out that each spot down in rankings cuts visitors drastically. At the #2 spot, your traffic will likely drop to only a third of the top ranking at 12.5% of the overall traffic. #3 gets even less with 9.5%, #4 gets 7.9%, and #5 rolls in with a measly 6.1%. Coming in at number 5 will bring you a mere 20% of the first result.


However, being on the front page, even if not number one, is still a significant gain over page 2, 3, and beyond. The top 10 search engine results receive a shocking 89% of all traffic, meaning that if your site isn’t there, you may want to find a new keyword or dig your heels in and spend some time and money on SEO. And depending on your business, being on the first page could be enough to turn a profit. Whereas a lawn mowing business may rely on being #1 or #2 in rankings to be found, other business models can profit just by being in the top 5:


Caste Study 1 –, is ranking number 1 for a ton of KW’s like “glasses, buy glasses, online glasses etc” and they get a ton of traffic from these keywords. Most of the time the homepage is ranking for these keywords. However, they actually make less than 50% of their monthly revenue from people landing on their homepage organically. Then where does most of their income come from? Its actually their Oakley prescription sunglasses page that nets them 30% of all monthly revenue. Crazy. The other 20% mostly from other branded landing pages like Ray ban. What are these branded landing pages ranked? 6 and 7 on average.


Case Study 2 – is an Australian camera rental site. The search volume for “camera rental” is very high, the problem is that in Australia most people say “camera hire” instead of “rental.” Originally the site was optimized for “rental” because that had the highest search volume, and was ranking in the top 5. The site was getting allot of traffic but almost no conversions. Because the people searching with “rental” were in different countries! Needless to say when they switched everything around the word “hire” even though they are not ranking nearly as well and for a KW with a fraction of traffic, conversions and revenue went way up.


Moral of the story, being number 1 doesn’t always equal more money. Even if a KW has high traffic volume and you rank no.1 for it, you need to take into account user intent i.e. what is the users purpose and mindset when typing in a kw?


Conversions -

 Of course visitors are important, but what about actual conversions? Traffic without sales is a costly game to play. In fact, conducted research on a seasonal retail store and found that spots from 1 to 3 don’t have as much conversion per click through as the spots from 4 to 7. So not only does the above example of glasses most likely attribute to user intent, but also across the board the top 3 spots generally don’t covert as well. Interesting. This means that if you’re company is paying a significant sum to be ranked in the top 3, you may want to reconsider investing funds elsewhere, while hanging around the 5 or 6 spot. 

Becoming #1 in the search engines for a given keyword has become the obsession of many marketers and their clients. But before you spend all your time gunning for a no.1 spot take into consideration the cost to get to the spot, the time, conversion rates, user intent for the kw and other kw’s.


The no.1 spot isn’t always the “no.1 spot”.


Research material sources from and Search Engine Watch.      0818 303087    


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